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March 21 2018

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The Range of Residential and Commercial Lawn Care Services

Lawn care can consist of basic maintenance, weed and insect control, or landscaping design and installation. Disease control, tree installation and care, stump grinding, and flower bed restorations are included in services as well. Islands in commercial parking lots or on public streets can also be restored. The extent of possibilities makes it difficult for some property owners to decide the best course of action.

Consultations and Quotes

To maximize the potential for a space, it is wise to consult an experienced company's personnel, such as those at Super-Natural Landscaping. Professionals include lawn and chemical specialists as well as experienced landscaping designers and installers. They will arrive at the property, discuss wants and needs with owners, and make recommendations. Quotes are provided for each suggestion so an informed decision can be reached.

One Company for All Needs

In some cases, people have to find one company to design the space, one to provide general maintenance, and yet another one for special services like disease control or irrigation system repairs. One company that provides comprehensive services will save time and money while optimizing the value and appearance of the property through consistency of treatments and ongoing care.

Local Rather than National

A local company with over a decade of experience is ideal. Professionals will be familiar with the soil conditions, the climate, and the types of trees, shrubs, fruits, and vegetables that grow best in the area. A national lawn care chain may not have the right products, equipment, or procedures to accommodate the landscape or the environmental elements that directly affect the look and performance of yard components.

Customized Care

Programs have been created for addressing specific issues to make lawn care as hassle-free as possible. The unlimited weed control program, for example, includes pre- and post-season treatments to stunt seed germination for weeds, full coverage for weed control once they have begun to grow, and spot spray applications as needed throughout the growing season for a lush and healthy lawn. Insect and disease control programs are offered, along with an unlimited fertilization program. Landowners in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas can go to myrtle-beach-landscaping.com for complete details, before and after photographs of previous work, and to schedule a consultation.

Enjoy the lawn instead of spending evenings and weekends tending to it. Owners can take naps on the hammock, plan barbecues for the neighbors, and sip cool beverages on the patio after a long day at work. Let the professionals take care of all lawn needs.

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